Last updated : April 01, 2023

Missena is a company specializing in broadcasting innovative formats on the websites internet. Its main product is called Conversad : Conversational Ad
CONVERSADThe Conversad service is a conversational advertisement (chatbot) produced by Missena for the advertisers and it is not the messaging services. We do not have your personal details.
How it works ?The display of advertisements can be determined according to your ​​interests identified on the websites of our publisher and/or on the websites of our advertiser if you have given them your consent. The data you provide in this conversation will be transmitted to our partners to offer you products corresponding to your requests or interets.
How to Disable our Conversad Advertisements ?As it is an advertisement and not a message, there is no unsubscription. But user can always closed the ads by clicking on the cross button placed at the bottom or the top of the ad Missena does not store your personal data such as your name or address.We collect navigation data such as page viewed, ads displayed, click ont he format or data that does not allow identification. This version is associated with a unique identifier stored in a separate database.This unique identifier is linked to a MISSENA cookie. MISSENA cookie can be deleted by erasing historical information on your browser. MISSENA cookie is only dropped and read after your consent on all publishers that have deployed MISSENA solution on their websites
How to withdraw your consent to usage of your personal data by MISSENA?you can withdraw your consent on all publisher websites.Depending on your consent on the website, MISSENA will or will not- Store and/or access information on a device- Select basic ads- Create a personalized ads profile- Select personalized ads- Create a personalized content profile- Select personalized content- Measure ad performance- Measure content performance- Apply market research to generate audience insights- Develop and improve products
We do not collect any sensitive information (relating to religion, political opinion, health, etc.).We do not create segments to specifically target children under the age of 15. Data retention policyWe keep the navigation data collected for a maximum period of 13 months from the date of collection. Our data collection cookies expire 13 months after their creation date if the consent has not been explicitly renewed beforehand.