Last updated : October 19, 2021

Missena is a company specializing in targeted advertising based on user behavior on the websites internet.Missena has implemented several products :● Maliste : Shopping cards .● Conversad : Conversational Ads MALISTEMissena is the Publisher of Maliste.com.
This advertisement is a service which allows the user to gather on a single page all the searches he has carried out on e-commerce sites during his browsing on the internet.To do this, Maliste.com redisplays the searches carried out recently by the user and suggests that he keeps the searches that still interest them. The user can also delete these searches or return to the merchant site from the advertising banner.
The navigation data provided by our partners are collected on the sites for which the user has consented to advertising cookies. In other words, if you consult one or many products/services on a website of one of our customers, you will see personalized advertisements with viewed or similar products offered by this same advertiser.
We work with partners who manage databases. If our advertisements are displayed on your website, you must have accepted the cookie deposit on the site of one of our partners or customers. It also means that you have given consent prior to the display of targeted advertisements.
How it works ?In order to offer you the personalized products, we collect navigation data on the websites you visit on your computers, tablets or smartphones, using cookies or equivalent identifiers. These information can also be transmitted to us by partners after your consent.
When we are connected directly to our customer’s website, we record in browsing events on our customers' websites (e.g. products viewed, product categories, etc.) and related events with displayed banners and web push notifications sent. This information is used to improve the relevance of the Maliste.com service.
How to Disable Maliste Targeted Personalized AdsIf you no longer wish to receive personalized advertising banners by Maliste, you can deactivate the service from the Maliste Confidentiality page by clicking here.This procedure only blocks advertisements personalized by Maliste.You can also refuse the transfer of navigation data by unsubscribing from our targeted advertising partners.

CONVERSADThe Conversad service is a conversational advertisement (chatbot) produced by Missena for the advertisers and it is not the messaging services. We do not have your personal details.
How it works ?The display of advertisements can be determined according to your ​​interests identified on the websites of our publisher and/or on the websites of our advertiser if you have given them your consent. The data you provide in this conversation will be transmitted to our partners to offer you products corresponding to your requests.
How to Disable our Conversad Advertisements ?As it is an advertisement and not a message, there is no unsubscription. On the other hand, we wish to take into account feedback of the internet users on our advertisements broadcast. You can therefore tell us which advertisements you no longer wish to see.
If you wish to stop seeing an advertiser’s advertisement, please click on the settings icon and then on the button “Plus d’information” on the header of the advertising window.Taking this wish into account requires placing a cookie on your computer. Please verify that your browser accepts third-party cookies.
If you want to modify, delete the data transmitted to the advertiser, log on to the privacy page of our advertiser. Missena does not store your personal data such as your name or address.We collect navigation data such as the list of products viewed or data that does not allow identification. This version is associated with a unique identifier stored in a separate database.
Your personal information (email, name, first name) is only transmitted to us when you enter your email address and agree to receive alerts from advertising. We also store your personal information. We do not keep clear personal data from our non-client partners once the shipments have been made.When personal information comes from one of our customers, it belongs to our customer and we therefore treat it by applying our customer's privacy policy.
We also collect pseudonymized data which is used for reporting purposes and allows our advertisers to obtain more information about the effectiveness of their campaigns, to improve their performance over time.
We do not collect any sensitive information (relating to religion, political opinion, health, etc.).We do not create segments to specifically target children under the age of 15.We share the information collected with our subsidiaries or affiliates. We share the information we collect for the purpose of sending emails through our email router. Data retention policyWe keep the navigation data collected for a maximum period of 13 months from the date of collection. Our data collection cookies expire 13 months after their creation date if the consent has not been explicitly renewed beforehand.